JaPa984 IT Consulting Solutions

Custom Application Design

Just as no two businesses are identical, no two company's application needs are the same. The unique needs of your business require custom solutions and methods specifically developed for your company's business needs.

Our Custom application design process consists of six distinctive steps:

  • Define: By working with clients to gather relevant business information, strategies, as well as a competitive analysis.
  • Design: Our design process covers everything from visual design to information functionality.
  • Develop: We use a variety of technologies and are familiar with all major platforms which assist us to develop the best solution for your company's needs.
  • Test: Your business solution MUST work. Plain and simple. We work with you to ensure that we have delivered a quality product that performs to your exepectations and needs.
  • Launch: Once you are satisfied with our final deliverable, we deploy your solution and we provide all appropriate documentation and any product support that you may need.
  • Maintain: When everything is live, the work is not done. To stay current, your solution may require to be maintained and or enhanced to provide the best technological solution to your evolving business.

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