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QR / 2D Marketing Codes

There are mysterious symbols popping up on Vancouver lamp posts, billboards, and social media pages. It's a secret code that only initiates of QR can unravel. And unravelling they are - pointing their smartphones at the signs, which read the two-dimensional code and deliver a message.

Japa984 IT Consulting Solutions

Originally used by the Japanese to track auto parts, QR Codes (2-dimensional bar codes, aka "Quick Reference Codes") have quickly become an advanced form of marketing communication. Want to be another step closer to the cutting edge with your marketing efforts? Ask us how you can get one on your collateral.

  • Your Business Card: Colleagues can scan to add your vCard
  • Posters: Passers-by can scan to see your online event listing
  • News Papers & Magazine Ads: Readers can beam on over to your website or special message
  • Billboards: Drivers can scan to call you
  • Your Website or Social Media Pages: Why not?

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